G.I. DISCO - The history of the Cold War´s hottest 80s club music in West-germany

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01. Timex Social Club - Rumours

02. Cashmere - Let The Music Turn You On

03. Skyy -Show Me The Way

04. Freeez - I.O.U.

05. BB & Q Band - Riccochet

06. The O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together

07. Caprice - 100%

08. Valentine Brothers – Money’s Too Tight To Mention

09. Barbara Mason - Another Man

10. Surface - Falling In Love

11. The Cool Notes - Spend the Night

12. Wish ft. Fonda Rae - Touch Me


"This is a nice idea for a compilation. I can imagine guys that I went to high school with doing 'the jit' to these tracks at the USO! I dont know what you want for a quote but I can say that I'm more than happy to see “Freeeze“ re-exposed. Jon Rocca was a major influence on what I do. I used to 'jit' to I want to be real at the music institute (if I knew how to jit)"

Carl Craig aka c2, Grammy Award nominated producer & dj ("Planet E", Detroit)

"When I listen to what G.I. DISCO represents a big smile comes over my face, because these tunes bring back so much good feelings and memories. In the end, ain't that what music should be all about ?"

Daz-I-Kue, producer & dj ("Bugz In The Attic", London/ Atlanta)

"This was the music of my youth...growing up in Philly, this is what you heard back then, because Philly was where a lot of it was created..shoot, I need to get a Yamaha DX7 again!!"

James Poyser, Grammy Award winning producer ("Erykah Badu", "The Roots", "Mariah Carey", Philladelphia)

"I was born in 63. G.I.´s where alle over the place when I grew up. To us it was an honor learning our first english words from them, later to hang out with them and to get in contact with the american way of life. When I founded my import record store and started my career as a dj, those guys where the ones to influence our work and our taste of music. Especially the music from the late seventies to the mid-eighties was very inspiring to us....because it was different, fresh and innovative, without ignoring it´s soul and blues roots. G.I. DISCO? What a great idea to bring back some real music and songs into our clubs, it´s about time!"

Andreas "Bär" Läsker, ("Die Fantastischen 4", Stuttgart)

"The sound of my childhood and youth! I can´t imagine all these years without A(merican)F(orces)N(etwork) on my radio, the best radio station in West-Berlin. G.I. DISCO, you guys are ambassadors of those good old times. We've been waiting so long for a revival like this - a revival of quality. Thank you, G.I. DISCO !"

Alexander Marcus ("King of Electrolore", Berlin)

"Oh yes, this is the real 2-step disco! Doesn't matter if you were countryside or in a capitol town club, it was the same spectacle: Neon colours, black is beauty stickers, army trousers, broad shoulders, pantaloons, air brush, caps, stars & stripes, the DJ announced that a car outside has to be removed, black-light,I wore my sunglasses at night and the last song was "Taxi" by J. Blackfoot."

Michael "Supersoulsonic" Reinboth (CEO & founder "Compost Records", Munich)

"Without giving my age away, many of the tracks on this excellent compilation were my first entre into dance music. It was a special time in my life and the memories start flooding back when I listen to G.I. DISCO."

Maurice Bernstein (CEO & founder "Giant Step", New York)

"Finally an electric boogie revival ! So many memories start coming back while listening to this."

Shuya Okino ("Kyoto Jazz Massive", Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto)

"Amazing compilation of songs ! Timeless dance classics that are infectious and easy to groove to. Great production and songwriting on every cut. A definite can't miss if you're a dance music aficionado."

Ivan Barias, Grammy Award nominated producer ("Musiq Soulchild",“Justin Timberlake“,“Jill Scott“,“Keyshia Cole“, Philadelphia)

"I grew up in a suburb of New York City, about an hour's drive north from the Bronx. I remember when "Another Man" was in rotation in 1983/84 on Kiss-FM, one of the major NYC metropolitan area radio stations featuring an R&B/dance/early hip-hop/"urban" format. The electro/breakdance rhythm track and spacey, sweet synthesizer sounds were captivating to my ears and imagination, and though I was only a little kid, something about the lyrics intrigued me. I still remember wondering about when she says "you were switchin' more than I was" and what that could possibly mean! Adult subject matter for sure. Parents shouldn't underestimate what their kids absorb or understand."

Darshan Jesrani, dj & producer ("Metro Area", N.Y.)

Zufall oder nicht, in den Monaten bevor ich zum ersten Mal davon hörte, dass die Homeboys Daniel W. Best und Kalle Kuts in Berlin mit dem hübschen Brand "G.I. Disco" um die Ecke kamen, hatte ich mich selbst so intensiv wie schon lange nicht mehr mit der Frühphase meines DJings und nächtlichen Umherschwärmens beschäftigt. Und in der drehte sich eben alles um afroamerikanische Musik, die die Billboardcharts seit den späten 70ern bevölkert hatte. Mit Disco hatte '77/'78 alles für mich angefangen - knappe 10 Jahre später, zu Beginn meiner DJ-Karriere, bestand der Soundtrack meines Lebens ausschliesslich aus R&B, Soul, Funk, HipHop und den ersten Housescheiben. Zu dem ich, vorrausgesetzt ich Milchgesicht kam an den wuchtigen Bouncern der G.I.-Clubs des Rhein-Main-Gebietes vorbei, mitunter als einziges Weißbrot mit einer durchweg schwarzen Crowd tanzte. Dass Daniel und Kalle jetzt diese fast vergessene Ära der Clubmusik mit ihren Parties und dieser Compilation wieder aufleben lassen, hat für mich eine ganze besondere emotionale Bedeutung. Die Vinyle der für die erste Compilation ausgewählten Songs stehen übrigens (fast) alle bei mir im Keller - tolle Auswahl!

Dj T. ("Get Physical", Berlin)